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• Floor Mats (商业地毯)
We offer the following high performance and low maintenance matting in which comes in customized sizes and colours upon customers' requests;
Tri-Grip Mat
3M Enhance (TM) & Nomad (TM) Matting
VNA Coircocomat
Anti-Slip Mat
Safe-Walk Light Mat
Sure Cushion Anti-Fatigue Mat
Sticky-Mat & Anti-Static Mat
3M Nomad™ Carpet Mat
3M Nomad™ Cushion & Heavy Duty (Backed)
3A Heavy Duty (Unbacked) / Smart Cushion Mats
Kleen-Tex Iron-Horse Mats
Kleen-Tex Jet Print™ Promo Mats
Water-Hog™ Classic / Water Horse Mats
Water-Hog™ Premier Roll Goods Mats
Chevon Mats
COMFORT-TRED Anti Skip (Canada)
Tough-Rib Mats
Anti Slip Mat - TINI
Standard Size Normal Coil Mat c/w 'Welcome' wording
Our quality floor mats provides safety by reducing accidents and thus, increasing work productivity
Kitchens, bar counter floors, industrial work stations, dishwashing areas, packaging area, assembly lines.
Area subject to liquids, fats, grease, oil, long hour standing, chemicals etc.
Standard Size : 3' x 5' x 1/2" thick
Available Colours : Black & Red
Italian technology, made in Malaysia
Raised ribs on the surface greatly reduce chance of slip or falls.
Beveled edges on all sides are molded directly into the mat for safety and easy cart access.
Large cylindrical holes and raised bottom allow spills to pass through and be washed away
Provides cushion support (Anti-Fatigue) for long hour standing at work stations.
With 1/2" thick high quality, non-marking, non-tracking rubber
Cleaning and Hygiene Products | Pilah Syabas Marketing